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February 17, 2013 · Filed Under Seed Network, Seed Saving, Seeds 

Mike C. just sent me an email with a list of seeds he’s looking to trade with others.  He lives in Nebraska, in the US.  If you’re interested in anything, send me an email, and I’ll forward it to him.

organic heirloom tomato seed…
Velvet Red,
Bulgarian Triumph,
Eva Purple Ball,
Light Pink Oxheart,
Marizol Purple,
Trucker’s Favorite,
Giant Delicious,
Super Italian Paste,
Red Siberian,
Prudens Purple,
White Queen,
Ukranian Pear,
Moon Glow,
Amana Orange,
Black Cherry,
Pink Beefsteak,
Earl of Edgecombe,
Golden Nugget Cherry,
Red Zebra,
Orange Beefsteak,
Core De Toro,
Nebraska Wedding,
Aunt Ruby’s German Green,
Roma Cherry,
Abe Lincoln,
Black Krim,
Box Car Willie,
Cherokee Purple,
German Johnson,
Mortgage Lifter,
Big Red,
Big Rainbow,
Plum Lemon,
Lemon Drop,
Isis Candy,
Great White,
Black Plum,
Italian Heirloom,
Beauty King,
Arkansas Traveler,
Violet Jasper,
Large Barred Boar,
Black Zebra,
Jaune’ Flamme,
Yellow Brandywine,
Gold Beauty,
Black Prince,
Sara Black,
Illinois Sunrise,
Aunt Lucy’s Italian Paste,
Dagma’s Perfection,
Grandma Mary,
Power’s Heirloom,
Russian Big Roma,
Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple),
Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio,
Costoluto Fiorentino,
Purple Plum,
Ace “55”,
Qiyanai Huang,
Russian Oxheart,
Bush Beefsteak,
Russian Queen,
Old Ivory Egg,
Crimson Beefsteak,
Independence Day,
Snow White Cherry,
Purple Russian,
Wisconsin 55,
Sweet Sharon,
Costoluto Genovese,
Fruit Punch,
Neves Azorean Red,
Italian Tree,
Djena Lee’s Golden Girl,
sun Gold,
Cream Sausage,
Cal Ace,
Money Maker,
Hawaiian Currant,
Gold Rush Currant,
Micro Tom,
Principe Borghese,
Rio Grande,
Tondo Liscio,
Tondino Maremmano,
Nano Ciliegia (Dwarf Cherry)
Amish Paste…

HOT pepper seed…
Chocolate Habanero,
Cherry Bomb,
Trinidad Scorpion,
Chocolate 7-Pot,
Ho Chi Min,
Thai Dragon,
Red Cayennne,
Cajun Belle,
Red 7-Pot,
Scotch Bonnet,
Red Bhut Jolokia,
Caribbean Red,
Hungarian Hot Wax,
Yellow Mushroom,
Red Mushroom,
Purple Cayenne,

…various heirloom seed…
Watermelon radish(China),
Salad Rose radish(Russia),
Genovese basil(Italy),
Sweet basil(India),
Black Beauty eggplant(Italy),
Moon Shadow bean(Africa),


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  1. narf7 on February 18th, 2013 1:15

    Sigh…living in Tasmania Australia sometimes has knobs on :(


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