Heirloom Gardening, Seed Saving, Plant Breeding and Related

A Blog Called Fuggles
A Thinking Stomach
Adekun’s Japan Blog
Agrarian Grrl’s Muse
Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Baklava Shed Coalition
Bishop’s Homegrown
Blue Ribbon Tomatoes
Brown Envelope Seed Blog
Calendula & Concrete
Coffee and Conservation
Daughter of the Soil
Egypt Farm
Ewa in the Garden
Fluffius Muppetus
Future House
Gaia’s Hope
Garden Desk
Gardening and Other Stuff
Grunt and Grungy’s Garden
Guardian Gardening Blog
Guite to Composting
Hills and Plains Seedsavers
Homegrown Goodness Discussion Forum
I Dig You, Plant
In the Toad’s Garden
Jardim com gatos (Garden with Cats)
Johno’s Garden Blog
Kitchen Garden in France
Love Plant Life
Mas Du Diable
Mrs. Greenhands
Observer Organic Allotment Blog
Popcorn Homestead
Plan Be
Purple Podded Peas
Random Plantings
Sandra’s Garden
Seed Ambassadors Blog
Skippy’s Vegetable Garden
Skrubtudsens Have
Softly We Walk
Soilman’s Allotment Blog
Spade Work
Sweet Rock Farm
Terroir Seeds
The Extreme Gardener
The Vegetable Garden
The Veggie Patch Re-imagined
Veggie Gardening Tips
Wieringer Akker (Dutch Language)
Worldwide Seed Trader
Worms and Flowers

Small Farming
Agrarian Grrl’s Muse
Agriculture Guide
Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds
Bishop’s Homegrown
Blue Fox Farm
Boreal Edge Farm
Boulder Belt Blog
Braamekraal Farm
Clark Family Farm
Dropstone Farms
Factor E Farm Weblog
From Here to Eternity
Growing Power
Kale for Sale
Lowarth Brogh
Mule Shoe Farm
Roberts Roost
Seasons Eatings Farm
Small Farmer’s Journal
Steed Farms Blog
Sugar Mountain Farm
Throwback at Trapper Creek
Thurston Market Garden
Tiny Farm Blog
Tonopah Rob’s Vegetable Farm
Tumbledown Farmer’s Blog
Yonder Way Farm

Friends of Bifurcated Carrots

AGROPOLIS NOW Zone 6 Community Garden
Blackpitts Garden
Blunders with shoots, blossoms ‘n roots
Carrot Museum
Comment Is Free
Content in a Cottage
Daphne’s Dandelions
Daily Fusion™
Dreams and Bones
Dr R K Pachauri Blog
Emma Townshend
Esther in the Garden
Evington Hilltop Adventures
Faites Simple
Fennel and Fern
Garden Adventures
Gardening and Other Stuff
Gardening 4 Life
Gardening With Wilson
Garden Monkey
Girls Growing Vegetables
Gradually Greener
Heavy Petal
In the Garden
Joanna’s Food Blog
Kitchen Gardeners International
Lamey’s Green Garden
La Muis
La Vida Locavore
La Vie Verte
Loose and Leafy
Manor Stables Veg Plot
My 100 Miles
Nu Trac
Occluded Sun
One Green Generation
One Straw
Organic Guide
Path to Freedom
Scattered Gardener
Stirway to Heaven
Subsistence Pattern
Sully’s Garden
Sunil Khemaney’s Weblog
The Back Forty
The Balcony Garden
The Cat’s Tripe
The Plot Thickens
This and That
This Garden is Illegal
The Garden Monkey
The Well-Read Gardener
Thou and Thou Only
Tith & Tillage
Truly Thankful
Urban Food Gardening
Veg Plot
Veg Plotting
Weet Wat Je Eet
Wiggly Wigglers Blog

Commercial Heirloom Seed Sources and Trading Forums

Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds
Association Kokopelli (UK/France)
Baker Creek Seeds (US)
Blogger Seed Network
Bountiful Gardens (US)
Brown Envelope Seeds (Ireland)
De Lusthof (Garden of Eden)
de Nieuwe Tuin (Dutch Language)
Emmy’s Garden
Filaree Farm Garlic (US, they do not ship internationally)
Garden Web Seed Exchange (Europe)
Garden Web Seed Exchange (US)
The Garlic Store (US)
Heirloom Acres Seeds (US)
Heritage Seed Library (UK)
Hudson Valley Seed Library
Irish Seedsavers
Peace Seedlings
Peace Seeds
The Real Seed Catalogue
Real Vegetable Seeds (UK)
Salt Spring Seeds (Canada)
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada
Seedsavers (Australia)
Seed Savers Exchange (US)
Seeds of Diversity Canada
Seeds Trust
Seedy Sunday (UK)
Sustainable Seed Company (US)
Synergy Seeds (US)
Thomas Etty Esq. (UK)
TomatoFest (US)
Turtle Tree Seeds
Underwood Gardens (US/Arizona)
The Victory Seed Company (US)
Wild Garden Seed (US)


International Seed Saving Institute
Kitchen Gardeners International
Victory Horticultural Library
Wervel (Dutch language)

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