Yacon, Oca, Mashua and Ulluco

A lot of people are talking about these 4 Andean root vegetables right now.  I’ve mentioned them before in a post on the so-called Lost Crops of the Incas. I’ve never successfully grown Ulluco.  I’ve tried twice.  It’s a very fussy plant, that doesn’t like it too hot or too cold, and is very sensitive … Continue reading “Yacon, Oca, Mashua and Ulluco”

Garden Pictures November 2010

Above is what Tim Peters perennial rye looks like now.  I haven’t been worrying too much about the weeds, assuming they will soon either be killed off by frost or choked out by the rye.  The rye plants have been developing crowns, and all growing pretty strong. This is the yacón corner of the garden.  … Continue reading “Garden Pictures November 2010”