New GM Corn Trial Planned in Belgium

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Following up on the GM potato trial that took place last year in Belgium, a new GM trial — this time corn, is planned for the coming three years in the same location!  I wonder if they’re going to build a stronger fence this time?!  Is it just a coincidence they announced this the day before Christmas holiday weekend?

This time they assure us no one could possibly object to the trial.  They say they will remove the tassels before the plants produce pollen so contamination of the nearby environment won’t be possible.  They also say there will be no business interests, it will only be a project of the university.  Hm, I wonder if the university has any business connections itself…

An important message from the organizers of the resistance:

[EN] Hello,

Yesterday we learned that the VIB is requesting authorisation for a field trial for GM maize in Wetteren. This crop would be launched in a three year open field trial, from 2012 on. A public consultation is organised which is open till 21 January.

It’s very important to respond individually to this consultation by using the special form for this purpose.

Below you find links to useful documents, press articles and a dossier that aims to develop some arguments on this case.

The pdf is just a personal summary of some facts and possible context around that sudden new field trial. To be used freely, as extra inspiration for replying at the inquiry, for an article, an action, or a campaign…

For more information see their website.

See here to respond to the consultation, but be aware as of the time of this post, the English language form wasn’t available.  Keep trying!  Let’s send some web traffic their way and let them know we’re eager, even before the form becomes available.

Resilient Seed

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Ella von der Haide has produced Resilient Seed, a film about the action days in Brussels last April.  The film includes interviews with many interesting people who attended and/or organized the event.  If you know where to look there are a few glimpses of me, and Bifurcated Carrots is mentioned in the credits at the end.

This is the English version, and they’ve promised to make versions in other languages as time permits.  Especially as someone who participated, it’s really nice to watch the film and think back on a great weekend, with great people, that so many worked so hard to organize.

Untitled from sab inee on Vimeo.

Dutch Article on EU Seed Laws

A friend of mine, Erik D’haese has written a Dutch language article for MO magazine on the current state of EU seed laws.  Regular readers of this blog will have seen a lot of it before, but he mentions a few things I didn’t, and it’s really the best article with everything laid out in one place I’ve seen anywhere.  Google translate works pretty well translating it into English.

European Agricultural Ministers to Discuss EU Seed Law Changes

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Well known for their their very undemocratic decisions made behind closed doors, ignoring everyone else’s opinion, the EU agriculture ministers will meet Thursday to discuss the EU seed laws.  This time they have invited public input.

In case you were looking at the agenda hoping to find a place and time so you could attend, don’t bother.  You aren’t invited and the meeting will be held in a secret location.  When they’re done, we should be able to read about it here.

They have the power to unilaterally change the EU seed laws, and this may happen at this meeting.


Review of EU Seed Legislation

Sorry for not posting recently.  More to come soon.

For those of you who filled in or are interested in the online questionnaire concerning the review of EU seed legislation I posted about here, you can read everyone’s answers here.

I think it makes quite interesting reading, and it shows how your voice can really be heard if you take the time to participate in something like this.

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