About our Weblog:

This is Patrick and Steph’s weblog. Here you can read about us, what we are doing and things that are important to us. Hopefully you can also read some things our family and friends wish to share as well. We like to hear from people who read our weblog, so please feel free to send an email or post a comment.

About Us:

We are Patrick Wiebe and Steph Mandell. We were both born in Chicago, in the US, lived in California for a while, and now live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

About our Garden:

Our garden is a 450m2 community garden (allotment) plot just north of Amsterdam.  The garden sits a little below sea level, and is drained and protected by a system of dikes and canals.  The water level sits about 30cm below the surface, meaning we don’t need to add water to the garden much and plants with roots at least this deep have access to an unlimited supply of water.

There are no water taps available for gardening use, and canal water is not clean enough.  All the water we use is collected off of the roof of our greenhouse and shed and stored in plastic containers.  There’s no trash collection in the area, so we have to either compost or carry out all of our own waste.  We have no electricity connection either.

The ground type is fast draining sand, with lots of added organic material.