5 thoughts on “European Plant Breeding Forum”

  1. Hi Pat. who is behind this site? looks suspiciously like a soul-less corporate setup forum rather than an actual grower whose heart is in the subject?!

  2. Hi DH, you know as much as I do. What makes you so suspicious?

    Running a forum is a lot of work. As far as I’m concerned, if someone else is willing to do it and the discussions are useful, that’s enough for me.

  3. Hi DH,

    I am a student plant breeding, and I am the person who made the website, I made it in my own time and host it on my own costs without advertisments, my passion is breeding landraces and genetic diversity, I wanted a clean forum without too much distraction, and I simply dont have too much time to make it into something fancy thats why it looks the way it looks, if you have any suggestions you can always leave a message on the forum :-) and I can see if I can change it in my free time

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