Alan Kapuler Videos

Here are some video interviews of Alan Kapuler posted at Cooking Up a Story. They aren’t dated, and I while I’ve seen the first two before, I just came across the third one, so don’t know how long it’s been available. It might be old news by now.

This is an ‘ongoing’ series, so be sure to check back at the link above for possible future releases.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

2 thoughts on “Alan Kapuler Videos”

  1. Thank you for posting these videos. I was going to add them to my video side bar and came across your posting of them…thanks for doing all the hard work for me as now I can, if you don’t mind, simply add your post link.:) Pretty amazing fellow isn’t he.

  2. Always happy to get more links!

    He is pretty amazing. I’m really glad someone took the time to visit him and make these videos.

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